Welling visit Estonia to inspect modular units

27 October 2022

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Welling visit Estonia to inspect modular units

With the Affordable Housing sector continuing to embrace MMC, Welling is delivering an increasing number of projects which are Category 1 (Volumetric) MMC. We are working with several clients and suppliers including:

  • Top Hat
  • BoKlok
  • Rollalong
  • Ilke Homes
  • L&G Modular

To meet the objectives of these projects we have adapted our service to reflect the off-site manufacturing process.

Associate, Ben O’Sullivan recently visited Estonia to inspect modular units being fabricated for VIVID for their project at Fulbeck Avenue, Worthing, being delivered by BoKlok (a partnership between Ikea and Skanska).

A fantastic opportunity to visit the factory and witness the modules making their way through the various stages of fabrication. Once installed on site, the accommodation will provide 72 affordable homes across three blocks of apartments.